Canon Compatible Ink Cartridges

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Canon Compatible Ink Cartridges


Known for their sleek and compact design, Canon printers are an excellent choice for the home and office. One of the leading printer manufacturers, Canon printers are easy to operate and offer advanced technology at extremely competitive prices. When it comes to performance, many of these printers allow the user to select the quality of the print so, whether you’re printing a high-quality poster or a simple document, you can ensure that you only use the amount of ink necessary. However, while Canon printers might be cost-effective and easy to maintain, the cost of printer ink can put a dent in your budget. At Avansas, we offer the perfect solution, in the form of Canon compatible ink cartridges.



Why use Canon compatible ink cartridges?

Many people wrongly believe that the only ink suitable for a Canon printer must come from the manufacturer. Our Canon compatible ink cartridges offer the same excellent printing standards, but at a fraction of the price. Additionally, using compatible cartridges has an additional benefit. Instead of throwing old cartridges away, where they can end up in landfills, many cartridges are made using recycled parts from their original counterparts. On top of being better for the environment, they’re rigorously tested to ensure they reach the same exacting standards.



The benefits of buying from Avansas

If you own or use a Canon printer, using Canon compatible ink is a great way to keep an eye on your running costs, without compromising on the quality of your print. As Europe’s leading office supply brand, Avansas has been supplying individuals and businesses with all their equipment and accessories, from office stationery and cleaning equipment to ergonomic equipment and inks and toners. Having been at the forefront of our industry since 2009, we offer a next working day delivery service, and more than 3,000 high-quality products, at surprisingly low prices.