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As one of the most popular beverages in the United Kingdom, tea is frequently made with tea makers due to their practical nature. Kettles are becoming more and more popular with thermostat control and option to easily adjust brewing time.

Kettles or Teapots?

  • Instead of the traditionally used teapots that take up space on the stove, kettles save space.
  • Energy-saving kettles are more budget-friendly than gas-fired stoves.
  • Thanks to its ability to keep the water constantly hot, tea can be brewed and consumed for as long and as often as you want. You will no longer need to renew water or brew constantly.
  • Unlike teapots, the automatic shutdown feature of kettles prevents possible dangers that may arise when the water runs out.

What are the Advantages of Kettles?

  • The kettle helps keep the tea at the ideal temperature.
  • Since it works with electricity, it can be used even in places with no gas connection.
  • The capacity of the kettle is designed optimally in line with its size. It does not take too much space.
  • Kettles usually have an automatic shutdown feature, offering safe use.
  • Kettles can also be used as a heater thanks to their water-heating functions.

What to Consider When Buying a Kettle

  • Capacity is one of the main things to consider when buying a kettle. A kettler with a capacity of 0.7 or 0.8 litre will be sufficient for a small office, while a capacity between 5 and 30 litres will be more suitable for bigger workplaces.
  • Also consider whether the kettle has an automatic or manual timing feature.
  • Make sure that the kettle has a water-heating function. This way, you can use them as water heaters.
  • The kettle can be made of various materials such as glass, metal, steel, porcelain and plastic. You need to consider the material while selecting your kettle.