Waste Disposal Products

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Waste Disposal Products


For an easy way to get rid of your household or business waste, look no further than the wide selection of waste disposal products at Avansas. Whether you need a practical, space-saving swing-bin style for your home kitchen or a strong and durable free-standing sack holder for public environments, there’s a waste bin to suit your needs right here.


You’ll find waste bins made from high quality, durable plastic that are lightweight, easy to clean, and available in different capacities. To save contaminating hands when touching bin lids, choose one that comes with a handy foot pedal for even easier opening. If you want to coordinate with other items or need to make it clearer which bins are for specific recycling, there are sleek designs in a variety of bold colours too.


Prevent cigarette butts littering the floor outside your office, restaurant, bar, or other business premises with a cigarette bin from Avansas. Made of durable stainless metal, it’s a great way to keep smoking areas tidy. Most designs come with a removable ashtray for hassle-free emptying.


When it comes to waste disposal products, bin bags and liners are an essential addition. Here at Avansas, you’ll find a huge range including durable, extra strong black refuse sacks and quality tie-top versions that help prevent leaks and unpleasant odours. There’s a variety of volume options to choose from, as well as rolls that come with over 100 liners that are ideal for places with bins that need emptying frequently. Plus, there’s even eco-friendly versions made from 100% recycled farm waste to boost your green credentials. Order your waste disposal products today and benefit from free next-day delivery on all orders over £30.