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What should be considered when choosing stirrers?


In crowded workplaces, you might have a hard time finding a clean spoon or you may even be just a little bit skeptical of how good your co-workers are at cleaning the office cutlery. Stirrers for coffee and other drinks are a disposable solution to the above occurrences and issues. When using a fresh stirrer, customers can be sure that they are using a new and clean piece of cutlery that they can trust to be dirt and germ free. When purchasing drink stirrers, the following thoughts should be taken into consideration:


  • The material: Avansas offers stirring products in a multitude of different materials: wood, bamboo and plastic. Each of these materials is versatile and can function without compromising the effectiveness of this stirring tool. All stirrers on offer are quality stir sticks that do not melt or become crooked when placed in hot drinks. The choice of which material suits you better is entirely up to which material you prefer!


  • Number per pack: Avansas offers portable stirrers in packs of either 500 or 1000; the most appropriate option is different for every customer and is dependent on the amount that is best suited for individual needs. Bulk purchasing products for office, commercial and retail space does save on both time and money!


Is it practical to use stirrers?


The reason these disposable kitchenware products are so popular is due to the fact that they are affordable, easy to use and most importantly they are extremely practical! After stirring, one can simply dispose of the manual stirrer without worrying about cleaning any kitchen utensils. Disposable tableware stands out with its practicality, especially at large gatherings or in office spaces as they make it much easier to use and clean up. Multi use stirrers are extremely practical tools that can save both time and money when implemented in a work or retail space.


Is it hygienic to use stirrers?


Yes - it is hygenic to use stirrers. For those who work in crowded office spaces and share things like crockery and cutlery, stirrers are an excellent alternative and introduce an easy way to control how hygienic an office space is. By using stirrers, you are eliminating the need for reuse and washing up, saving both time, money and ensuring a more hygienic work space. Each of the stirrer stick products on offer have been designed with ease of use in mind, the stirrers are simple pull out, use and throw away products. It's as simple as that! When purchasing any stirrer product that is bought from Avansas, you can be sure that you are buying a product that is of the highest quality and does not melt or become crooked when put in hot drinks.


Are the stirrers sold in Avansas of good quality?


Stirrers are one time use products and therefore they aren't exactly made to be products that are durable and long-lasting. Whilst the materials that make up each of the stirrers on offer are of the highest quality, they are  not what one would consider to be durable products! Of course, the entire point of stirrers and other disposable tableware is the lack of durability found within each of the products. The lack of durability is a product feature that actually makes the stirrer so perfect for office and retail environments; no reuse means no cleaning up! While the lack of durability is part of the one time use functionality and design of these products, Avansas assures that each of the offerings available are made from the best materials and are durable enough to provide a functional stirrer solution whilst in use.


How much do stirrers cost?


Avansas has a wide variety of stirrer options on offer and within this wide variety of products comes a wide variety of cost options. The prices of each of the stirrer products is competitively structured as Avansas knows that we supply a wide variety of customers that are looking to purchase products at different pricing scales. When purchasing any pack of stirrers, customers should be sure to look for the option that best suits their individual needs as each product comes with different features and they come in different materials. Customers are encouraged to review the product descriptions for each device to find the product that best suits their own needs, both economically and in performance requirements.


Is it safe to buy from Avansas?


Yes - purchasing any product from Avansas comes with a guarantee that your private information is guarded. Avansas has worked extremely hard to create an online shopping platform that makes users feel safe and secure whilst shopping. When placing your details on the Avansas website, end to end encryptions and 3D Secure and Verisign secure payment infrastructures are set up to ensure that all the expectations of our users are met when it comes to security. Not only is this system extremely safe, it is also easy to use! The user experience of our customers has been an extremely important factor as we have worked and developed the security systems throughout the payment process.


When purchasing any product from the Avansas website, you receive a return policy guarantee that allows users to return any product within 30 days of purchasing. The products can easily be returned to us by using our free DHL service, once the product has been returned, the funds will immediately be deposited back to you. For a safe and secure online shopping platform, look no further than Avansas!