Hand Towels

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Hand Towels


Hand towel is a popular and practical cleaning product, suitable for use in all areas, especially in offices, cafés and restaurants, kitchens, and bathrooms.



What Are the Sizes of Hand Towels? How Many Rolls Are There in a Pack?


There are two, three or four ply hand towels. They are usually sold in packs of 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24. Jumbo hand towels can have meters of towels in a single roll. Although the average towel length is 12.5cm, some towels can also be 25cm long. One pack can contain up to 510 meters of towel.



Where Are Hand Towels Used?


Use them in the kitchen, bathroom, office, living room and dining room. You can even have these easy-to-use cleaning products in your vehicle during journeys. They are a must-have for practical and quick cleaning. Absorbent towels soak up spilled liquids in no time and make cleaning easier.



What Are the Advantages of Hand Towels?


  • • Hand towels easily absorb liquids, allowing you to clean up in no time.
  • • It saves you from a lot of trouble such as washing towels.
  • • Store hand towels wherever you like and use them as much as you want by easily tearing them from dotted lines.
  • • Thanks to its high absorbency, they help dry hands quickly.
  • • They are hygienic as they are disposable.



What to Consider When Buying Hand Towels


You should buy hand towels in line with your intended use.

  • • There are many varieties that are perfumed, specially produced for bathroom or kitchen use, and suitable or not suitable for food contact. Choose accordingly.
  • • The number of plies determines the absorbency of hand towel. If you want to purchase a high absorbent hand towel, go for the ones that have many plies.
  • • Roll lengths and compatibility with dispensers are also important when choosing hand towels. Hand towels that are used manually usually come in rolls whereas those used in dispensers are folded.