Meeting & Presenting

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Meeting & Presenting


No matter how much work you put in beforehand, meetings and presenting can be stressful. While you might have the agenda and provided the attendees with any relevant information in advance, having the right equipment on hand can make your presentation or meeting run smoother.



Flipcharts, Easels and Pads


Flipcharts are an effective way of making pertinent notes that everyone can see. Particularly useful in planning and decision-making meetings, they allow the attendees to see how plans or decisions develop until they become fully formed. Flipcharts are also useful if you want to keep the notes after the meeting is over.



Whiteboards and Accessories


However, if you’re holding a brainstorming session, a whiteboard allows the flexibility to follow changes of thought. As new ideas hit the room, older ones can be wiped away and replaced. Alternatively, noticeboards allow more interaction with those in the room. Those with ideas can pin their notes to the board, creating a collage of ideas and suggestions, which can quickly be organised into something cohesive.



Visitor and Meeting Accessories


When it comes to meetings and presenting with members of the board, investors, and important clients, it’s all about the details. To give your conference that professional edge, consider supplying your attendees with security pass badges, personalised place name holders, and name badges. If it’s important to record who was in attendance, provide a visitors’ book for each person to sign as they arrive. Folders can also convey a professional aesthetic while allowing you to make notes. We even supply folders with built-in calculators, in case there’s some number-crunching to be done.



Laminating Machines and Pouches


You may find that it's worth laminating certain documents, to keep them protected against potential accidents. We offer an extensive range of laminating machines, which are easy to use and deliver pristine results. If laminating is an important part of your meeting, it’s worth having extra laminating pouches to hand, for any last-minute additions to your portfolio.