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Plastic Report Files 


Plastic report files are a simple, yet effective way of giving your documents that professional edge. As ideal for filing purposes as they are for presentations and meetings, they are made from durable polypropylene available in a range of colours. The plastic binding ensures that your important paperwork is protected against spills, stains, and dirt, while the robust strip fasteners ensure that all the pages remain secure. Some of our report files have an added central clip to prevent papers from getting mixed up or falling out. 


How to use report files 

Typically, plastic report files employ a series of pre-punched holes along their left-hand side. This makes them compatible with plastic and punched pockets, adding an extra layer of protection to any documents inside.  

While many of the files in the Avansas collection are available in different colours, we also stock a selection made from clear, yet equally durable plastic, for quick and easy reference. These are suitable for use with punched pockets and many of our report files are ideal when combined with ring binders, particularly if documents are on the larger side. 


Practical and eco-friendly files 

When it comes to capacity, we offer a selection of plastic report files that will hold between 140 and 170 pages of A4, and 80 gsm paper. For those looking to keep an eye on their carbon footprints, we can even offer a selection of eco-friendly project files. Made from 60% recycled materials and 100% recyclable, they are made from clear and waterproof polypropylene, with a vertical securing strip along the left-hand side.  

Available in packs of 50, our plastic report files are a valuable accessory for office workers, students, and those looking to stay on top of their personal paperwork. Whether you want one packet or several, we can offer a next working day delivery service and competitive pricing.