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Report Files & Clip Files


If you're filing important information, collating a school project, or ensuring your CV gets noticed, report files and clip files combine aesthetics with practicality. Using the range of plastic report files, you can ensure that your paperwork looks as professional as possible while ensuring it's protected and pristine at all times. However, if you need clarification as to which one you might need, here's a quick and handy guide.



What are report files?


You can use clip files to display reports in an office or boardroom setting. Files, such as the Avansas A4 Eco Plastic Report File are made from scratch-proof, waterproof, and resilient polypropylene so that, once housed, your documents have a defence against accidents, changes in temperature, and those inevitable spills and splashes. In addition, with the right holes in the right places, you can use them with archive folders, presentation folders, and storage folders without compromising the integrity of the paperwork. 

You'll also find that many of our files are made from clear and coloured plastic, so you can see what's inside without having to pop them open. Not only does this make your documents easy to store, but it can also mean that you deliver the correct documents to the right people at conferences and business meetings. Used with our range of label printers, you can customise your report files with stickers bearing your company logo and contact details.



What are clip files?


Clip files, also known as clipboards, are better for situations where notes, brevity, and on-the-spot reactions are the order of the day. Typically, these files consist of a hardback board on which papers are clipped, using either a horizontal or a vertical clip, which allows the user to write on the go, using the hardback as the writing surface. However, as Europe's leading supplier of office accessories and essentials, we know that clip files may need to be more versatile to cater for particular business needs.

Products like the Avansas Extra Metal Clip Report File offer the perfect fusion of presentation, storage, and the ability to respond with quick notes and amendments. A far more personal and engaging method of getting your thoughts across than the likes of PowerPoint and virtual files, clip files such as these are an essential part of any commercial or corporate arsenal. Not only can you present your work in the physical format that suits you best, but you can also keep them safe from scratches, splashes, and spills. In addition, when first impressions need to count, clip files such as the Esselte Vivida File offer that professional pizazz.



Files with green credentials


However, while many of our report files are made from durable materials, such as polypropylene and PVC, some come with greener credentials. The Avansas Eco A4 Report File replaces those standard plastics with environmentally friendly alternatives so that, if a commitment to the planet is important to you, your customers, or your colleagues, you can even communicate it through your choice of presentation materials. 

While many think of clip files as items that belong in the office, they can also be helpful in the home. Whether you're keeping tabs on your expenditure, preserving sentimental paperwork, or ensuring that your child can present their homework project as dynamically as possible, files of this sort are a superb all-rounder. So that you feel informed about your purchase, each of the pictures of our products is accompanied by a short description.

We offer a range of delivery options, so whether you need a single item tomorrow or a bulk order in a week, we can supply you with what you want when you want it.