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Box Files


Whether you need to keep all your files together in one place or divide your documents into easy-to-access sections, A4 box files are a convenient solution to your file storage problems. From box files that are easy to reach, without compromising your paperwork, to those that are lockable for security purposes, our collection of A4 box files allows you to keep tabs on your papers while keeping them protected and looking professional.



Box files for business


While the modern business might have access to iCloud, and other forms of digital storage, there are several reasons why a document file box might have the upper hand. Certain documents, such as contracts and business agreements, may require original, handwritten paperwork, particularly in legal or negotiation situations. One of our durable and versatile box files allows your storage system to accommodate your paperwork in a way that's easy to get to and even easier to replace.

The best box files, such as our Pukka Bloom A4 Files, combine aesthetics and practicality while giving each facet equal weight. While a document file box is a practical product at the end of the day, its presentational qualities can be enormously important, particularly when presenting paperwork to colleagues, visitors, or customers.



Easy to use and easy to recognise


When you're looking for a desktop storage system or something to suit a more extensive library of files, our box files deliver on all fronts. You'll find those with file inserts attached to the spine to ensure that your files are easily recognised. Using our speciality labels and label printers, you can tailor your labels to suit your style of file storage. Not only that, but we also offer A4 box files with built-in thumbholes, which are often metal rimmed. These are ideal for removing your box files from their shelves and popping them back without disturbing or damaging the documents inside. 

For further reassurance, look for a document file box with all the credentials offered by those with reinforced edges at the top and bottom of the outer covers. These ensure that your files will easily withstand the rigours of removal and retrieval while keeping those all-important pieces of paperwork in pristine condition. In addition, you'll find our A4 box files available with various mechanisms with which you can hold your documents in place. You can choose how you keep your papers secure with lever arches or D-rings.



Eco-friendly filing solutions


For those who want to monitor their carbon footprints, we also offer a range of box files that tick more than a few eco-friendly boxes. Products, such as the Pukka Recycled Kraft Foolscap File are made from 100% recycled materials, with mechanisms approved by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). Certification by the FSC is only awarded to products approved as coming from responsibly managed and sustainable sources. If you need a file box that lets your customers know you're serious about your responsibility to the planet, it doesn't get much greener than this.



Where to use box files


Because we know that each office is different from another, we offer our selection of document file box products in a range of designs and finishes. We've got you covered, from the sleek, chic, and professional to those that might be more comfortable in a home office or against a funkier backdrop.

At Avansas, we aim to meet your business needs, whether you're a lone entrepreneur or part of a large business. With a wide range of delivery options, you could receive your filing products as soon as the next working day.