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Box Files & Folder Boxes


In today's information age, information has become an ever-increasing value. Therefore, the transportation and protection of information is crucial. Archiving system is a kind of service for the protection of information. Today, all institutions need to protect their information sources with a certain archiving system.


Thanks to the developing technologies, many tasks are done with computers today. This includes archiving documents. But unfortunately, although technological devices are practical, some risks may arise. For example, corruption of the computer can cause the loss of all information. Therefore, many companies still archive with traditional methods.


Archiving should be done in a certain order. If you archive the documents in alphabetical order, it will be much easier to find them in the future. In addition, where you keep your documents is a crucial detail. Box files are one of the most used archiving tools in offices and workplaces.


Box file is a product with many different varieties and is generally used for preserving documents. File storage boxes vary according to their material, sizes and features. While the decorative document storage box can be used in homes because of its stylish appearance, products such as a lockable file box are used in offices and workplaces. 


Avansas' wide product range includes high quality document storage boxes produced by most trusted brands. You can browse our products and check up on their features. You can add the products you like into your basket and place your order.


Different Types of Box Files & Folder Boxes


There are many different types of document file boxes according to the needs. Plus, there are different archiving methods preferred by individuals. Use of the folder box also takes shape accordingly. The files can be placed according to the file folder box type. For instance, cardboard file boxes are used for archiving a small number of easily transportable files.


Best Materials for File Boxes


It is possible to find different types of box files according to the needs and the number of files to be used. The important thing here is to decide on the model that will best meet your needs.  You can make your choice by browsing all products and their features. Some of the box files models available in avansas ' wide range are as follows:

  • A4 Box File
  • Metal File Box
  • Suspension File Box
  • Expanding File Box
  • Decorative File Box
  • Foolscap Box Files
  • Cardboard File Box
  • Magazine File Box
  • Plastic File Box
  • Lockable File Box
  • Fireproof File Box


Metal File Box


Metal file boxes are among the models that stand out with their solid structure. It has proper sizes to keep your documents and files. Since it is made of metal, it is resistant to impact and prevents the attrition of documents inside. Plus, you can safely move documents with metal box files, which has a portable structure. Metal file boxes will be suitable for you if you need a safe and robust product.


Plastic File Box


Plastic file boxes are one of the most preferred models in offices and workplaces. Easy to use thanks to its practical structure and design. Plastic file boxes are usually used with punched pockets. You can first place your documents in a punched pocket and then store them in a plastic file box.


Cardboard File Boxes


Cardboard file boxes are environmentally friendly and easy to use products. Since they have a lighter structure compared to plastic and metal ones, they can be used to store a small number of documents. They also create a modern and stylish look. You can use it to store your belongings not only in offices, but also in homes. Avansas ' product selection of cardboard file boxes is made of reinforced cardboard.  Thanks to their robust design, they can be used for a long time.


Benefits of Box Files & Folder Boxes

Keeping your documents organised is important in professional working life. Especially in hospitals or government offices, these documents may be reused in the future. Therefore, keeping it in a certain order makes your work easier. Box files are ideal products to maintain this order.


Office box file types have a portable design. These boxes can be placed in archive cabinets and can be easily carried when needed. Products such as lockable file box and metal folder box varieties are quite solid. They protect your documents from external factors and prevent them from being damaged.


Best Box Files & Folder Boxes


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You can browse the products in the category and read customer comments to learn more. You can compare box files models with each other to find the product that best fits your budget.  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it up to 30 days.


How Much Are Box Files & Folder Boxes Prices?


The box files category is extremely wide and likewise has a wide price scale. Many different factors play a role in determining the price of a product. Box folder prices vary according to the size, brand, material and features of the product. Box files in Avansas' product range are sold at competitive prices. Trust your local supplier Avansas to buy the best quality products at affordable prices.


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