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Label Machine Labels


Providing great convenience in ensuring order and practicality in shelves and warehouses, labels are used for all temporary or permanent labelling needs, especially in stores and warehouses. When you feel the need to regroup any batch of products, label them all according to their variants with label machines. Different types and models of label machine labels are available in our category.

Label machine labels are also suitable for use in small markets and businesses with ever-changing prices. Local grocery stores usually use fluorescent labels during pricing. Price tags are very useful for businesses that have not yet made the transition to automated transactions.

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Plastic tapes are more suitable for outdoor use as they are more resistant to weather conditions. The practical paper tapes are recommended for indoor use. With their glowing feature, you can see the products sorted by colour in the dark. Find different colours of products in our category and have your desired quantity delivered in no time.

Plastic tapes, which are compatible with label machines, allow you to easily perform pricing, marking, annotation, and number assignment without any additional processes. The products are water resistant and do not lose their properties for a long time thanks to the plastic material.

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