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Office Chair Back Rests 


If you’re sitting at your desk for long periods of time and experiencing back pain, it might be time to check out our range of office chair back rests. Resting naturally, the spine has a natural curve. However, after sitting for extended periods, most people will inevitably find themselves slouching forward. One of the most common examples of poor posture, hunching over your workstation forces the lower back towards the back of the chair, in a reversal of its natural shape. In turn, this can cause discomfort in the lower back, neck, and shoulders. If left untended, it can even result in spinal problems and severe pain. 


Protect your spine 

At Avansas, we offer a superb selection of office chair backrests. Supporting the lumbar region of the spine, they help the vertebrae follow their natural curve, without overaccentuating it. This ensures that the muscles in the back aren’t overly stressed or strained and keeps the user’s posture in check at all times.  

We offer a range of ergonomic office chairs, these are ideal for smaller businesses and smaller budgets. Easy to use, they’re compatible with most types of office chairs, and it’s merely a case of strapping the supportive area to the back so that the user can lean against it. However, rather than being a solid lump that presses against the spine, our office chair backrests are made from a soft, yet resistant, material that moulds to the shape of each user. 


Keeping cool 

For those who worry that a backrest might make them feel hot, we also offer a selection of rests made from a mesh fabric. These allow air to circulate behind the user, helping to keep the back cool and preventing overheating. You cannot underestimate the importance of posture, with studies revealing that sitting correctly not only contributes to our overall sense of wellbeing but can improve productivity by up to 84%.