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Fire Safety Equipment


Fire safety equipment saves lives and helps you stay safe in the home, office and classroom. From StaySafe fire extinguishers to Seco Exit signs, the Avansas online store has an extensive range of fire safety products, so you can rest assured that you are fully prepared for any eventuality.


What fire safety equipment is there?

Fire safety equipment is a diverse category, with plenty of different products on offer. When you are looking for equipment, make sure you match the product to your specific needs, as these will vary depending on your circumstances. For instance, office fire safety differs significantly from fire safety at home and distinct equipment is required.


Here are a few of the products you may need:


  1. Fire extinguishers. Place fire extinguishers at strategic locations throughout the office, so they are always accessible and visible. The number of extinguishers you need will depend on the size of the office and accessibility, so draw up a comprehensive fire safety strategy and purchase accordingly.
  2. Smoke alarms and fire detection systems. All buildings should be fitted with smoke alarms and fire detection systems. These can range from standard smoke detectors to heat detectors and sprinkler systems.
  3. Fire hose reels. In larger office buildings, fire hose reels are often installed in hallways and near exits. They act as an extra resource for trained firefighters, should they be called to extinguish a fire on site.
  4. Fire safety signs. Clear and visible fire safety signs warn employees about potential dangers and provide essential information, such as the location of fire extinguishers, emergency exits and assembly points. Such signs are vital in an emergency, as they help individuals make the right decisions.
  5. First aid kit. A well-stocked first aid kit in the office or home enables you to treat minor injuries that may occur during a fire.


Why is fire safety equipment necessary?

Fire safety equipment is necessary for several critical reasons. These include:

  • Individual safety. Fire safety equipment’s primary aim is to protect human lives. Fires can spread rapidly and pose immediate threats to lives. Fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and emergency evacuation systems ensure people detect fires early and take action to escape or suppress the fire before it causes serious harm.
  • Property protection. Fire often causes extensive damage to buildings, homes and possessions. For individuals and businesses, this can be emotionally distressing and financially catastrophic.
  • Environmental concerns. Fires release harmful pollutants and toxins into the air and water, and pose significant environmental risks. They also destroy natural habitats and put animals’ lives in danger.
  • Regulatory compliance. In the UK and around the world, strict fire regulations dictate the fire detection and protection measures that need to be in place. In many instances, fire safety equipment helps you comply with those regulations.
  • Public awareness and education. Fire safety signs and equipment serve as a visible reminder of the importance of fire safety. They encourage individuals and communities to prioritise fire safety preparedness and ensure they understand the action they need to take if there is a fire.


Shopping for fire safety equipment with Avansas

At Avansas, we stock only the highest-quality fire safety equipment. We know people’s lives depend on this equipment’s performance, so we only work with the best in the business. We also ensure customers benefit from a streamlined online shopping experience and offer a wide selection of products, so you can find all you need in one place.

In addition, we provide customers with several convenient delivery options, so products are shipped to home and business addresses across the UK as quickly as possible. If you are looking for premium fire safety signs and equipment at cost-effective rates, browse the Avansas online store today.