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Towel Dispensers

Found in businesses with common areas such as workplaces, restaurants, shopping malls and cafes, towel dispensers are healthy, practical and one of the essential materials for washbasins and toilets. Paper towels are extremely useful and stored in towel dispensers. Produced using metal, composite and ceramic materials, towel dispensers adapt to the integrity, decor and architecture of your space with different colour and design options. Have a look at our various towel dispensers at affordable prices and find out more about the products of your choice.

There is a wide range of towel dispensers depending on the type and frequency of use, including sensor, z-fold and centre-pull models. Choose high quality, durable, hygienic products that go well with the architecture and colour integrity in common areas. Metallic and angled dispenser models look extremely aesthetic in simple and minimalist architectural spaces as accessories to washbasins, mirrors and walls. Clear and round dispensers produced with hard plastic, composite material and glass in different colours allow for more fun concepts.

Towel dispensers in various models by well-known brands are available on our website with affordable prices, easy return and exchange and free shipping. Towel dispensers create a tidy, clean and healthy environment and satisfy your customers and employees by preventing unnecessary pollution and mess. offers useful, high quality and practical products for your offices and workplaces with advantageous payment options. Place your order now and enjoy Avansas advantages.