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Wall Mounted Paper Towel Dispensers


Explore our range of wall-mounted paper towel dispensers and find the perfect solution for your home, office, or school bathroom. Improved hygiene, convenience and efficiency are all key considerations when choosing paper towel dispensers, so we stock a wide range of products to meet every need. Whether you are purchasing for a busy commercial space or a residential bathroom, our collection of bathroom accessories incorporates durable and reliable designs of all shapes, types and sizes.

We recognise that well-designed paper towel dispensers promote cleanliness and reduce waste. That is why we choose to stock models from some of the best-respected brands on the market. From Maxima and Rulopak to our own in-house soft hand towel dispensers, you will find that all the products we stock are reliable and dependable.



Enhanced hygiene at a reduced price


For enhanced security and hygiene, our dispensers typically feature locks, preventing unauthorised persons from tampering with the paper towels. This is particularly useful in public areas, where many people have access to the bathroom, leading to an increased risk of interference and damage to the towels or dispenser.

All our wall-mounted paper towel holders are designed with durability in mind. We choose products from reputable brands known for their commitment to quality, to bring you products that will last for many years. Regularly manufactured from robust plastic or stainless steel, they are built to handle moisture and regular wear and tear. This makes them well-suited to high-traffic areas such as restaurants, schools, hospitals, and office buildings.



Various designs ensure all needs are met


Our range of paper towel dispensers also includes models of varying capacities. While most of the dispensers have a capacity of 200 paper towels, a significant number expand that to 400. This minimises the amount of refilling required and reduces the work needed to keep the bathroom stocked with all the essentials.

You can also benefit from brilliant money-saving deals, such as 3-for-2 offers. This is ideal for larger organisations that require a larger number of bathroom supplies and want to get maximum value for money. Make sure you check back regularly to catch all our offers and find your perfect wall-mounted paper towel dispenser at an unbeatable price.



Purchase your paper towels, too


Once you have purchased your paper towel dispenser, you can also stock up on compatible soft paper towels from the Avansas online store. We retail an array of paper towels, so you can always find the product that best suits your dispenser or personal preferences. Whether you prefer two-ply eco-friendly paper towels or blue recycled paper towels, there is a fantastic selection to choose from.

Shopping in the Avansas online store is remarkably easy. We utilise in-depth product descriptions and high-quality images so you can always choose the right product. Browse the collection now and discover the perfect hand towel dispensers for your needs. We also offer quick and convenient delivery to addresses throughout the UK, so you receive your products as quickly as possible.