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Computer Mice


With so many computer mice available on the market, deciding which one to buy can feel a little daunting. However, before you start thinking about brands, it’s worth considering your needs. Whether you’re a dedicated gamer or you work in a busy office, the demands you place on a PC mouse can have a huge part in deciding which one’s the best for you.



The main difference between a wired computer mouse and its wireless cousins is that wired mice must be plugged directly into the PC or laptop. While this might seem a little inconvenient and even restrictive, this does come with some advantages. Because the PC mouse is connected to the computer, there’s no input lag between the movements or any command clicks. For gamers, this means instantaneous response and immediate reactivity.

However, this can also be important for those who value or need absolute precision from their mouse, such as graphic designers. In addition, because the PC mouse and the computer are physically linked, there’s no chance of the communication between the two being affected by signals from other sources.



Wireless computer mice offer a compromise between functionality and convenience. Using a wired mouse can leave the user feeling tethered to one place. By comparison, a wireless computer mouse allows the user greater freedom of movement, typically up to 30 feet away from the PC or laptop. Not only does this allow for a more comfortable or convenient experience, but it can also prove to be useful in certain situations, such as business presentations.

As there is always a slim chance of interference between the mouse and receiver, wireless versions tend to be favoured by those who work from home and don’t require absolute precision. Conversely, the wireless facility makes these an ideal choice for those who like to use their laptops or tablets on the go.