Memo Blocks

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Memo Blocks


The little squares of paper with big potential, Memo Blocks are a necessity for every desk.

Whether you need to jot down key details during a phone call, pass a message to a colleague or leave important removable notes within documents, a Post-it note is an indispensable item of stationery. Keep your memo block tidy and to hand in a Post-it note holder so you're always ready to put pen to paper.



The Space Saver


Compact and more space-saving than a small A5 notebook, a memo cube won't clutter your desk. Work smart with your Post-it notes, and you can learn to layer the notes in your diary or documents, allowing you to save space on each page while retaining all the information you want to stick to the paper.

You should keep a cube next to the phone on your desk and next to your computer for taking notes from emails and online meetings without creating clutter.

Avansas offers a Post-it note holder collection that lets you keep your memo blocks organised. The Avansas three-piece desk organiser includes a holder that will coordinate with storage for your pens and paperclips.



Sticky - But Not Too Sticky


If you use Post-it notes to add comments to documents, books or essays, you need a memo square that will stick securely to the page without damaging the paper when removed.

Our quality range of memo blocks are bound with glue for neat stacking and come with a tacky adhesive strip that allows you to stick your note to paper with light pressure, peeling away with ease when you're ready to discard your note.

Our cube note pads offer enough adhesive to allow you to unpeel and reposition your notes several times, so you won't need to rewrite your note if you've stuck it in the wrong place.



Keeping Things Concise


In a busy workplace, keeping information concise can be helpful for everyone. A Post-it note allows you to send short, to-the-point messages that filter out all the unnecessary details. If you've been reviewing a colleague's work and want to leave notes, these little squares encourage you to offer direct, clear guidance.

They can be a superb piece of stationery to take into meetings because they encourage you to bullet point your notes and focus on key takeaways. If you need to dart from meeting to meeting with your memo cube, the Avansas boxed 500 sheet memo block is a great option.



The Admin Ally


A memo cube can make work, life and academic admin much easier. Ideal for picking tasks off your to-do list and placing them into the relevant page of your diary, for adding names or jobs to the staff rota board when circumstances change, or to offer you a motivational timetable or project board where a post-it is peeled off each time a task is complete, these sticky squares are an organisational dream.

You can use different colours and designs of Post-it notes to organise your documentation or to bookmark certain pages or paragraphs in a longer document.

If you help organise a team at work, you can use Post-it notes throughout the day to note down important dates, times and tasks, adding them to the team diary at the end of the day once you've collated all the information. Being able to lay out all the notes physically can make it easier to visualise how you need to process and action all the information.