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Memo Blocks 


Whether you work from home, in a busy office, or need the occasional nudge to stay on top of your personal schedule, memo blocks are the perfect accessory. Writing to-do lists, appointments, notes, or even indulging in the odd doodle can help you to stay organised, focussed, and productive. Taking up less space than a standard notebook, they’re easy to add to your desk or workstation, and memos with adhesive backing strips can be stuck to whiteboards, bridges, or any other convenient surface. A superb addition to any home or office, these are an essential accessory for anyone who wants to make the most of their time. 


Filtering information 

While many people have notebooks or diaries on their desks, it can be important to keep them tidy and organised, particularly if they’re used by more than one person. Using memo blocks throughout the day to record appointments and meetings as they come in can be a fantastic way to keep yourself organised. Once the day is done, you can check through your notes and decide which ones are important, before recording them clearly in your chosen planner. Writing notes on memos is the easiest way to filter out what needs your attention, and what doesn’t. 


Evolving ideas 

However, memo blocks can be used in meetings or brainstorming sessions. They can be a terrific way of evolving ideas and concepts. Encouraging attendees to write their thoughts down on these versatile sheets, which can then be collated and displayed on a flipchart or whiteboard, giving an overview of the way everyone in the room is thinking. Plus, they’re ideal for dealing with distractions while you’re trying to get on with a particular task. Struck by a thought while you’re trying to fill in a spreadsheet? Scribble it down on a memo sheet and come back to it later.