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Oki Printer Ribbons


Just as in every field, the rapid development of technology has quickly altered computers and their equipment. Printers have also become quiet and modern, keeping up with the times. Today, we use three types of printers; dot matrix printers, inkjet printers and laser printers. Dot matrix printers are especially preferred in certain areas thanks to their printer ribbons.



Areas of Use


Oki printer ribbons are used in dot matrix printers. Although dot matrix printers are the oldest type of printers, they are still preferred since they have a higher page yield and are more convenient. Even though they seem old-technology and cause more noise than others, they are frequently used in printing continuous forms such as invoices, waybills, labels and accounting records, especially in accounting departments. In addition, 24-pin printers allow you to print out graphics and keep your printouts for almost 100 years.

These printers are preferred due to their cost-efficient ribbons. They are easily used for other purposes thanks to the varieties that work with all types of paper. It is possible to find printers with these ribbons in other workplaces requiring accounting records and documents.



What to Consider


When buying a dot matrix printer, you should consider the number of printouts you will get every month. If you get more than two hundred printouts or if you are going to use the printer in the accounting department, this printer can offer you the required durability.

If you are using an Oki printer, choose Oki printer ribbons. Using the same brand of ribbon as your printer not only ensures high print quality, but it also protects your printer’s technical equipment. If you use sub-industry ribbons, you may damage your printer or put it out of warranty.

You can buy Oki printer ribbons compatible with your printer (9-pin, 24-pin, flatbed and line printers); but make sure to look for the original Oki hologram on the box. Choose reliable platforms when making your purchase.

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