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Till Roll & Card Machine Rolls


With the advances in wireless and laser technology, thermal till rolls aren’t just for supermarket cash registers. Today, traders can use wireless card machines, which print out receipts and invoices on thermal till rolls with the same degrees of definition, clarity, and resilience as their checkout-based counterparts. If you're looking to streamline your cashing-up and cashing-out processes, card machine rolls made with thermal printing in mind are definitely the way forward.



Thermal printing vs ink printing


The main difference between a standard till roll and a thermal till roll is the paper on which the receipts are printed. Thermal card machine rolls are designed to be printed on using heat rather than ink. Typically, it will be coated in a chemical layer, parts of which will turn black when they're exposed to heat. In most cases, the till or card machine will project the facts and figures to be printed onto the paper, which is then heated, resulting in crisp, clear text with greater resilience to temperature, UV light, water spills, and smudging than ink can possibly offer.



Branded till rolls and other options


When choosing which type of thermal till roll or card machine rolls to buy, the first thing to be sure of is that it’s suitable for your till or printer. Sometimes, this can be defined by brand. Some are specifically designed for use with certain tills. However, check out our range, and you'll find that Avansas offers our own till rolls compatible with various card machines and tills.



Which thermal till roll do you need?


The way to work out which is the best for you depends on the width of the paper, the gsm (grams per square metre) of the paper, and the length of the roll your machine will accommodate. Each photo on our website is accompanied by a product description, letting you know everything you need about what you're buying. From the number of sheets per roll to the width and the gsm of the paper used, you'll be able to make the right choice the first time around.



Quality and quantity


One of the significant benefits of using thermal till roll, compared to ink-printed receipts, is the speed of the process. Typically, the time it takes for an ink printer to spray the paper with the required text and numbers can take longer than thermal printing. While we might be talking about a matter of seconds, this can make all the difference when dealing with large numbers of customers or ensuring that your accounts are accurate.



Perfect for you and your customers


Thermally printed receipts can also benefit your customers. With minimal potential for smudging, they can be sure that the paperwork you provide them with will remain clear and defined in case of returns or to complete their accounting duties. It's also worth noting that, compared to ink printers, those that use till rolls are far less likely to jam, ensuring that you can print out when the pressure’s on.

For businesses, these products also have a cost-saving benefit. Because there are no ink cartridges to replace, you've immediately saved on spending. On top of that, the thermal printing process means that your till or card machine will require far less maintenance than those that use ink. Ink till printers often need to have their printing heads cleaned, which can be inconvenient and expensive.

We offer an extensive range of thermal till rolls designed to work with a comprehensive range of tills and card machines. Check out our delivery options to receive your order as soon as the next working day.