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Machine Paper Rolls

Machine paper rolls, also known as cash register till roll or thermal till roll, is used in devices such as POS machines, cash registers, barcode printers, electronic scales and calculators, and is an important item for companies and businesses operating in the retail industry. This product, which is necessary for the sales to take place, is a key element for businesses.

What Is A Machine Paper Roll? How Is It Produced?

Machine paper rolls were introduced with POS machines. The POS machine was first used in 1974 at the Pathmark store chain in New Jersey and at Dillard’s stores. The POS machine market has developed considerably worldwide. According to the Market Transparency Survey on the website of Vendhq, a POS software company, POS sales in the global sales industry in 2013 formed 34 percent of the market with $36.86 billion. A combined growth rate of 11.6 percent is foreseen in the POS industry for the 2014-2020 period. Although this product can be also referred to as POS machine roll, it is not, of course, used only with POS machines. It is also used extensively in devices such as cash registers, electronic scales, barcode printers and calculators. For this reason, it has a wide area of use. During the production process, paper is cut equivalently, made heat-sensitive and light-resistant by adding various layers and then cash register till rolls are ready to be packed. At the end of this process, during packaging, it is very important that the product is packed with light-resistant cover.

What Are Thermal Till Rolls?

Thermal till rolls include substances that change colour when exposed to heat. Letters become visible when a transaction is made as the paper is heat sensitive. Thermal till rolls are used in devices such as POS machines, cash registers, electronic scales, calculators and barcode printers. These rolls usually consist of three layers. The filter layer protects the roll from external factors such as excessive heat and light. It is a type of machine paper rolls, also known as cash register till rolls. Thermal paper is among the most frequently used paper in POS machines and cash registers.

What Are The Advantages of Machine Paper Rolls?

  • Machine paper rolls are practical and take up little space. These offer businesses a big advantage.
  • They help keep a record of sales transactions and are used as a receipt in cash registers.
  • Even though these rolls cause continuous expense for businesses, they can be stocked as machine paper roll prices are very affordable. Buying in bulk can reduce workload.
  • Receive your payments by credit card or debit card by using a POS machine and machine paper rolls. It helps to offer different payment options.
  • As rolls are very long, you don’t have to change them frequently.
  • Unlike copier paper, machine paper rolls do not require cartridges. This offers a way to avoid cartridge expenses.

Which Machine Paper Roll Is Best For You?

  • To determine which machine paper roll you will buy, you need to pay attention to the compatibility of the product with your device. The range and size of the product vary depending on which device it will be used with.
  • Machine paper rolls are usually defined by size. It is very important to know the size of the product that will be placed in your device. Rolls come in 80, 70, and 56 millimetres. The roll size of the device should be determined before buying rolls.
  • Pay attention to how many rolls a pack includes. The price varies depending on the number of rolls. Apart from the number of rolls, the weight of the pack is also an important factor.
  • Thermal machine paper rolls that change colour when heated are popular. The colour of the paper may be black or red. Therefore, check the colour of the product before buying.
  • Thermal till rolls with an extra protective layer that are robust and resistant to external factors are recommended. The packaging of rolls must be light-resistant.
  • Products that are light and take up little space gives businesses an advantage.
  • You should choose products that have a light-resistant cover.
  • At home, use thermal till rolls in your devices such as precision scales and calculators.
  • Long rolls are more convenient to avoid changing the roller frequently in the workplace.

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