Letter Trays & Filing Drawers

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Letter Trays & Filing Trays


The Avansas online store stocks a wide variety of letter and filing trays to suit every need. They’re ideal for busy professionals hoping to better organise their workspace or students seeking efficient storage solutions. Whatever your requirements, our range of stylish and functional letter trays and filing drawers is designed to ensure your workspace is kept neat and tidy.

We all recognise the importance of a well-organised workspace. A messy desk hinders productivity and makes it difficult to locate important documents when you need them most. Clutter can also significantly affect our mental outlook, making us more stressed and frustrated. To help with this, we have put together a wide selection of filing drawers and paper trays for desks that help you keep your workspace in order.



Products from big-name brands


We stock paper organiser trays from some of the most well-respected names in the stationery sector. The brands we offer, such as Rexel, Ark, Jalema and Mas, are known for their product quality. This means that you can always trust that you’ll be getting the very best letter and filing trays when you buy from our range.

Our letter trays are perfect for keeping your documents and paperwork neatly organised. They come in various materials, including durable plastic and metal mesh, as well as an almost endless array of colours and finishes. You will find options with multiple tiers, too, allowing you to sort your papers by priority or category.



Stackable, space-saving and efficient


The stackable nature of the designs means they are space-efficient and adaptable – perfect for busy offices. Many also provide performance-enhancing features, such as rubber feet, to enhance stability and space for subject labels, so you know exactly what each tray contains. This helps you to make your new tray your own, adapting it to your personal workspace and needs.

With their sturdy construction, these letter trays can handle substantial paperwork, while remaining robust and supportive. Our filing drawers combine practical functionality and stand-out style for those seeking versatile storage solutions. Available in different sizes and configurations, these drawers provide ample space to store your presentations, paperwork, and other essentials.



Colourful and stylish designs


From sleek and minimalist designs to bright and bold options, we stock letter trays and filing drawers to meet every personal taste and office décor. Along with our colourful options, we stock transparent designs that blend seamlessly with modern office spaces. Whether you’re looking to match your tray to your workspace or brighten up your office with a splash of colour, we have the perfect tray for you.

Quality is of the utmost importance to us, so the products we offer are built to last. We partner with reputable brands known for their premium quality office products, ensuring that your paper organising trays and filing drawers are always up to the job. They are designed to withstand the demands of a busy work environment, providing you with long-lasting storage solutions.



A hassle-free shopping experience


Shopping for letter trays and filing trays on the Avansas online store is convenient and hassle-free. You can browse our collection at your leisure and use our detailed product descriptions and images to make an informed decision. We provide extensive information on our products wherever possible, so you know that your new letter and filing trays will work in your office space.

Transform your office or home into a beautifully organised workspace with our collection of paper organising trays. Shop now and discover perfect storage solutions that combine functionality, style and durability. At the Avansas online store, you also benefit from quick and convenient delivery direct to your doorstep.