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Commercial Mops & Mop Buckets


Using a commercial mop bucket to keep your floors clean offers much more than a sparkling surface. Using hot water and the right floor cleaners effectively sanitises the floor, killing off bacteria and viruses that have found the right conditions for breeding. On top of that, using commercial mops helps eliminate any allergens lurking, such as the dander from pet hair and fungal spores. If that wasn't enough, if you work in an office or live in a home with a stone or wooden floor, the right handle with the right industrial mop head can help to reduce the potential for those surfaces to be scratched. While brooms and brushes certainly have their place in your cleaning supplies, the bristles can cause unsightly scuffs and scratches, undermining your home’s or office’s appearance. 

If you’re thinking of giving your floor a good going over but aren't sure which commercial mops you should use, here's the Avansas guide to getting it right.



Choosing the right mop for the job


The first thing to decide is what the mop will be used for. If you're cleaning up a liquid spill or using the bucket combo for general cleaning purposes, you'll need something with good absorbency but with an equally good capacity to release the dirt and liquid it's picked up. The Parex Extra Power Cleaning set is a superb, budget-friendly industrial mop bucket combination. With an ergonomically designed handle and a durable wringer, you're less likely to transfer dirt from the bucket and back to the floor.  

However, if you really want to be sure that the dirt stays in the bucket, check out our Ceymop cleaning set. Set on casters for easy movement, and with a sturdy plastic press, you can wring out your mop into one bucket while leaving your cleaning solution untainted in the other.



Leaving things looking sparkly


For mopping surfaces that require a sparkling finish, we’d recommend using a specialist floor cleaner, such as Maxima Pine Floor Gel or Dymagel Lemon Floor Cleaner. Again, the head you’ll need should be highly absorbent and with high release levels. Mop heads made from cotton or microfibres, such as the Py Kentucky Mop, ensure that your cleaning solution is spread evenly and consistently. An industrial mop head such as this is ideal for applying polishes to wood and stone floors.



Mops for deep cleaning


Deep cleaning often requires commercial mops and industrial mop heads that are absorbent, washable, and resistant to harsher cleaning chemicals. With less likelihood of linting compared to cotton mops, the Exel Big White Mop Head is the perfect addition to your cleaning supplies. With the capacity to absorb up to 75% more water and pick up to 30% more grime than their cotton counterparts, its polyester tassels give you all the muscle you need to undertake the deepest of cleans. While they’re designed for use with Exel handles, they are compatible with some others. 

Larger and rougher industrial mop heads are better suited to mopping uneven or rough flooring. To ensure you don’t miss any chips in the surface or pass over any dents and dings, consider something like the Py Metal Ferall Socket Mop. Offering superior absorbency levels and virtually no potential for linting or dropping fluff, it's the perfect solution for those hard-to-tackle surfaces.



Mopping on the move


There are some environments, such as schools or hospitals, where mopping is essential because there's constant foot traffic. A commercial mop bucket, such as the Ceymop Cleaning Set, is the best option in situations like these. In addition to taking the strain out of transporting it, the casters make it easy to move, which can be particularly useful if you're trying to steer clear of visitors and students. In addition, its double bucket setup means that cleaning staff won't have to keep returning to the store cupboard for more cleaning solution.



Commercial mops for commercial spaces


When cleaning larger areas, the simple rule of thumb is that bigger is better. A bigger head, such as the one offered by the Ermop Wet Mop, provides a greater surface area to clean with. Made from a carefully balanced combination of polyester and cotton, it offers outstanding absorbency. However, its size means that it’s better suited to bigger floors and may prove clumsy if you’re trying to mop a smaller surface. For more confined spaces, a head such as the Ceyhanlar Wet Mop may be more suitable. Alternatively, check out looped industrial mop heads. The Ceymop Looped End Mop is exceptionally versatile and can absorb up to three times its own weight in liquid while still allowing you to get into all those little nooks and crannies.



Moving liquid out of harm’s way


Not all commercial mops are made for cleaning. Some environments, such as swimming pools and professional kitchens, require the quick and effective movement of liquid. If left unchecked, it can present a slipping hazard. In this instance, plastic or metal floor squeegees are the way forward. With durable rubber blades, mops such as the Ceyhanlar Metal Floor Squeegee and the Ceyhanlar Plastic Floor Squeegee can quickly move water or liquids out of harm's way. Tough and resilient, they're as suitable for indoors as outside. 

Once you’ve chosen the mop that best suits your needs, it’s worth checking out our range of accessories and replacement heads for commercial mops. We stock everything from handles and buckets to replacement wringers, so you can ensure that you never need to leave your floors looking less than their best.