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Hardback Notebooks 


While there are apps for absolutely everything, going analogue and using hardback notebooks, either professionally or personally, has multiple benefits. The greatest advantage is that a notebook is never going to suffer from a virus, power outages, or a technical malfunction. Plus, it’s a supremely portable accessory that you can take and use anywhere. Yet, there are more reasons for stocking up on hardback notebooks


Memory and creativity 

Writing things down improves memory retention. The simple act of committing pen to paper causes your brain to process information in greater detail which, in turn, means that information is absorbed by your memory more effectively. Additionally, using notebooks can help with creative and tangential thought. Most apps have a set framework in which the user can operate. Using a notebook brings the freedom to write things down in the way you feel is appropriate, and even create the occasional doodle. All of which can promote creative thought. 



For those who need to improve their organisational abilities, notebooks give you complete control. Writing and reviewing your notes allows you to turn them into actionable events. Annotating your notes with a ‘do-by date’ helps you to assume responsibility for certain tasks and chores. 


The professional edge 

At Avansas, we offer a wide range of hardback notebooks, perfect for use in business or as a private, personal journal. With reinforced binding, they are durable, help to keep your notes safe from harm to give you that professional edge in meetings. Available in a selection of sleek and contemporary colours, they come with ruled lines to keep everything organised and, for those looking to monitor their carbon footprints, there’s even a selection made from recycled materials.