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Sticky Tapes and Dispensers

Sticky tapes are always at hand both at homes and offices as they make our lives easier. Clear tapes, fabric tapes, duct tapes, double-sided tapes, wide clear tapes, and adhesive screws are among the most popular ones. Dispensers and sticky tape varieties are constantly improved and renewed. And the prices of dispensers and sticky tapes vary accordingly.

What Are Sticky Tapes and Dispensers? How Are They Produced?

Sticky tape dispensers are tools in which you place clear tapes to cut the desired amount of tape easily. Sticky tapes are adhesive surfaces that are used to stick one surface onto the other. Their outer sides are usually made of cellulose. On the other hand, the adhesive side contains adhesive actuated by pressure. They are usually made of plastic. Sticky tapes can be completely transparent, matte, single- or double-sided.

Although the first adhesive material was made in around 4000 BC from tree extracts, the first adhesive tape was found by a physician in 1845 and was named as “operating tape.” In 1921, the first band-aids were produced combining adhesive and cotton. In 1925, 3M manufactured masking tape, known as painter tape. During World War II, a waterproof, durable, fabric- and polyethylene-based tape, namely “Duct Tape” was produced, to be used for repairs in the army.

Today, there are sticky tape dispensers and sticky tapes that serve different needs. Statistics on Statista, a statistics website, revealed that Scotch was the leading U.S. household tape brand in 2016, with sales of $219 million.

What Is Sellotape?

  • Clear tapes are also called Sellotape.
  • Actually, Sellotape is a British tape brand.
  • It is a tape that has a clear outer surface and an adhesive inner surface.
  • The adhesive side contains pressure-sensitive adhesive material.
  • It is made of propylene.
  • It is used to paste, repair, and add surfaces.
  • It gets harder to remove it as time passes by.
  • Sticky tape’s diameter can be large, medium or small.
  • It is used especially for sticking materials such as paper and cardboard.

How to Remove Sticky Tape Stain?

  • You will need to employ different methods to remove tape stain from different surfaces.
  • Pour detergent into warm water and prepare a cleaning fluid. Apply a chemical of your choice to the stain. Wet a piece of cloth that doesn’t harm the surface with the cleaning fluid you have prepared and clean the surface. Then, dry the surface.
  • Use petroleum, paint thinners, isopropyl, alcohol, acetone, nail polish removal, oil solvents, products similar to WD-40 and aerosol furniture polish to remove sticky tape stains from windows. Carefully scrape the remainder with a scraper.
  • Use heat to remove sticky tape stains from furniture. Heat the adhesive surface for 45 seconds with the help of your hair dryer running at the highest heat setting. Depending on the size of the surface and the amount of adhesive, you may need to heat longer. Adding dish detergent and vinegar into boiling water and cleaning the surface with it is another way to remove the sticky tape stain.

What Are The Advantages of Sticky Tapes and Dispensers?

  • With a dispenser, cut any amount of sticky tape easily at once.
  • When you use a dispenser, sticky tape stripes do not stick together or around, and you don’t waste any tape.
  • Unlike other adhesives, sticky tapes don’t have a smell.
  • Sticky tapes can stick to different materials.
  • They are light; therefore do not make objects heavier.
  • They protect against moisture and environmental factors.
  • As clear sticky tapes are transparent, they are cosmetic.
  • Double-sided sticky tapes help sticking two surfaces together, which is not an easy task, without causing aesthetic concern.

Which Sticky Tapes and Dispensers Are Best for You?

  • If you want to buy affordable sticky tapes for your office, Avansas AY14 Office Tape (12mm x 33m) that comes in a pack of 12 is the ideal choice for you.
  • If you wish to stick banners, posters and similar items made of paper, cardboard, and plastic to your walls, Scotch 110 Foam Tape Double-Sided Adhesive Tape (12.7mm x 1.9m), which stands out for its quality, can be the right choice.
  • Use an Adjustable Adhesive Screw for Wallpapers and Plaster, which leaves no stain, to hang paintings or certificates at home or at the office.
  • For tiles and metal surfaces, choose stain-free Adhesive Strips for Tiles and Metal that comes in a pack of six and can carry objects up to 3kg.
  • If you are looking for an eco-friendly product, go for Glue Stamp Double-Sided Adhesive Tape, which is also a strong adhesive.

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