Sticky Tapes & Dispensers

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Sticky Tapes and Dispensers


From standard adhesive tape to heavy-duty tapes suitable for use outdoors and sticky tape dispensers, we offer an extensive range of these office essentials. With next working day delivery options available, you can have yours in as little as 24 hours. 

While adhesive tape might seem like a multipurpose office accessory, some sticky tapes are better suited to certain tasks. When you’re choosing which of our tapes to buy, it’s worth considering exactly what you’re going to be using it for. If you’re not sure what’s on offer, here’s a quick guide to which adhesive tapes should be used for which jobs. 



Standard sticky tape


Standard office sticky tapes, such as Sellotape, are ideal for everyday solutions, such as sticking together paper, card, and wrapping paper. In offices, it can also be used for sticking notices to noticeboards and even carrying out temporary repairs to small, non-electrical items such as shoelaces. However, there are other uses for regular office sticky tapes that often go overlooked, such as:


  • • The removal of pet hair from clothing. If you don’t have a lint roller to hand and your furry friend has shed onto your favourite outfit, strips of tape can quickly and effectively help to get rid of hairs. As an added bonus, standard tape won’t leave any unsightly residue on your clothes.


  • • Broken glass can be a hazard in the home and the office. If you’ve managed to sweep up the bigger shards, but there are tiny glittering fragments on the floor, laying down strips of tape will help to get most of them up. It’s still worth protecting your hands with gloves, as even the tinies splinter can cause cuts.


  • • How often does a battery-powered gadget in your home run out, leaving you to ransack drawers or other electrical items for new energy cells? Using lightweight adhesive tape, you can secure spare batteries to the back of your alarm clock, radio, or battery-powered tools, so that you can find new batteries without all the usual stress and fuss.


  • • Whether you’re at home or in the offices, there are always occasions where decorations need to be put up. Office adhesive tape can help you string those garlands or hang those lightweight banners, without any trouble at all. 


  • • If you don’t have access to a label printer, a strip of paper and some standard tape offer a good temporary fix. In the meantime, check out our selection of label printers for more permanent and professional-looking solutions.



Invisible tape


Browse our collection of sticky tapes and you’ll see that some of them are described as invisible tapes. The main difference between invisible tape and standard adhesive tape is the finish.  

Regular office tape has a glossy finish, which means that it catches and reflects the light, allowing it to be seen. Invisible adhesive tape has a matt finish, making it almost invisible to the naked eye once applied. Because it can be written on, with either pen or pencil, this sort of tape is ideal for repairing documents or pieces of art and won’t detract from their overall appearance.  

In addition, many of our invisible sticky tapes are safe to use on photos and remain imperceptible even when scanned or photocopied. 



Electrical tape


One of the most overlooked sticky tapes in both the home and the workplace is PVC tape. Made from polyvinyl chloride and backed with a strong adhesive, this non-conductive type of adhesive tape is used as electrical insulation tape, during repairs to wires and cables.  

PVC tape is stretchy and pressure sensitive, ensuring that splits in electrical insulation can be repaired quickly and effectively. In addition, it tends to be finished in glossy black, so that you’re never in doubt as to which part of a wire has been repaired. PVC can also be used as an insulator or to safely bundle wires and power cables together.  



From magnetic tape to the sticky tape dispenser


Magnetic tape is another step in the evolution of tape. One side is backed with a durable adhesive, while the other will attract lightweight magnets. These are ideal for creating displays in the home or office, or even for making custom fridge magnets. 

In addition to sticky tapes, you may find you need a sticky tape dispenser or two. The type of sticky tape dispenser you need will depend very much on the type and size of tape that you’re using. Again, check our product descriptions for all the information you need to ensure that you make the right choice, first time around.