Winter Supplies

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Winter Supplies


Harsh winter conditions such as black ice, heavy snow showers and sub-zero temperatures pose several challenges. The best way to overcome these issues is to ensure you are fully equipped and well prepared for the colder months. Make sure you are ready for short days, storms and potential snow by browsing the Avansas winter supplies selection.


Why are winter supplies essential?

Winter brings dark mornings, freezing temperatures and extreme conditions, so it’s a good idea to stock up on high-quality cold weather supplies. Whether you’re purchasing for home or business use, winter supplies help keep you and those around you safe. With this in mind, here are a few key reasons why winter supplies are so important.

  • • Preventing slips and falls. De-icer is used to melt ice and snow on pavements, driveways, and roads. It helps prevent slips and falls, reducing the risk of injuries. It also improves accessibility.
  • • Vehicle visibility. De-icer and low-temperature windscreen wash are used on cars to defrost windows and ensure visibility for a safer driving experience.
  • • Maintaining comfort. Industrial heaters and plug-in radiators provide warmth and comfort to individuals at home and in the workplace. They are particularly important on construction sites, where other heating sources may not be available.
  • • Business continuity. For companies, having the right winter supplies on hand can be the difference between business-as-usual and costly interruptions.


What winter supplies are available?

There are many practical tools and products to ensure your office and employees remain safe during this time of year.

Ideal for icy conditions, a salt and sand scoop can clear your office car park and provide a safe passage into the office. A snow shovel ensures your staff can make their way to work, while protective gloves help you stay warm when it’s chilly.

Perfect for wintery mornings and frosty evenings, a good de-icer is a quick and efficient way of getting rid of that layer of frost on your windshield. De-icers remove ice from windscreens, mirrors and windows and often prevent further refreezing down to temperatures of -15 degrees


Online shopping for winter supplies with Avansas

Don’t be deterred by the dreaded ice or freezing temperatures – Avansas offers high-quality cold weather supplies at unbeatable prices. In our online store, you’ll find everything you need to keep your home, office or vehicle safe, warm and comfortable. Order today and benefit from our quick and convenient UK delivery options.