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Winter Supplies


Harsh winter conditions such as black ice, heavy snow showers, and sub-zero temperatures come with a whole new set of difficulties. Be ready for when the next snow storm hits with Avansas winter supplies.


Winter brings dark mornings, freezing temperatures, and extreme conditions, so it’s important that your cupboard is stocked up with the right winter essentials. There are a number of practical tools and products to ensure your office and employees remain safe during this time of year.


Ideal for icy conditions, a salt and sand scoop can clear your office car park and provide a safe passage into the office. A snow shovel ensures your staff not only make their way to work, but they do so safely. It’s exceptionally durable, made from virtually unbreakable polypropylene and has the ability to withstand various chemicals too.


Perfect for wintery mornings and frosty evenings, a good de-icer is a quick and efficient way of getting rid of that layer of frost on your windshield. They not only save time but also optimise safety - driving without properly de-icing your windscreen can be extremely dangerous, as well as being illegal. The de-icer effectively removes ice from windscreens, mirrors, and windows and prevents further refreezing down to -15 degrees.


Don’t be deterred by the dreaded ice or the freezing temperatures, Avansas offers high quality cold weather supplies at unbeatable prices. Here you’ll find everything you need to keep your office cupboard or car glove box stocked up. Simply order today.