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Visitors Books


Visitor books are both versatile and essential. Whether you work in a hotel, office, school, or hospital, our selection of visitors book lets you keep tabs on who's where while giving your business the facility for some much-needed feedback. Essentially, visitor sign-in books record who's come in, who's gone out, and who's yet to arrive. From those all-important customer reviews to ensuring that you know who's in the building at any given time, a visitor book might seem old-school, but sometimes, old-school is the best school.


Stay on top of security

The first and most important reason to have sign in books is for security reasons. From hotels and offices to conference centres and B&Bs, those all-important signatures can offer peace of mind to attendees, clients, business owners, and landlords. From an insurance point of view, visitor books can provide evidence that someone is where they should be, particularly in the event of an emergency.


Encouraging rave reviews

However, visitor sign-in books don't just have to be just about practicalities. Check out our range, and you'll find visitor books that allow your guests to record their reviews. While Yelp and TripAdvisor might carry some clout, there's nothing more authentic than seeing and handwritten review. While it might not have the reach of an Internet post, a review that's been signed, sealed, and delivered by hand can give your guests the additional welcome they've been looking for. Whether you own a hotel, run a restaurant, or your workplace acts as host to VIPs, allowing them to see who's been before and what they think could be the detail that swings everything in your favour.


Style and substance

Regardless of your setting, style is important. Our range of visitor sign-in books is available in a range of styles and colours. Whether you're looking for something that greets your visitors with a colourful smile, or something that needs to be serious just when that's the order of the day, we've got you covered. Whatever the colours that define your brand or business, we're sure to be able to offer you something that suits you without any noticeable seams.

In situations where feedback, signatures, and security are of equal importance, browse our selection of visitor books that cover all the bases. Our collection includes those that contain visitor badges alongside the space to sign a signature. Using these, you can assign a tag to the signatory, ensuring that everyone in the building is accounted for. When the tags are returned, they can be repurposed for future guests.

As Europe's leading office accessories and essentials supplier, we can deliver your visitor books just when you need them. Whether you're making a one-off purchase for yourself or you're buying in bulk for your business, we treat each order with the same levels of care and commitment it deserves. Check out our range of delivery options to receive your order as soon as the next working day.