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Visitor & Meeting Accessories 


Whether it’s for a meeting or a quick catch-up, ensuring that your visitors feel welcomed into your workplace is the quickest way to make that all-important first impression. However, while the focus might be on ‘meet and greet,’ visitor & meeting accessories can also serve important practical purposes. 


A warm welcome 

When it comes to welcoming visitors to your office, the devil is in the details. The first place they’re likely to see is your reception area and it’s here that you can start to convey the idea that your business is ready for them. Visitor & meeting accessories, such as coat racks and valet stands immediately communicate care and attention. Similarly, a pristine visitors’ book lets your visitors know that you take their presence seriously, especially in the event of an emergency in which the premises have to be evacuated. 


Breaking the ice 

Name tags and lanyards are another often-overlooked detail. However, these take the stress out of everyone having to remember everyone else’s name and make those initial introductions much easier. Also, place name holders can be an invaluable addition to any meeting room. If you’re aware of friction between people, you can tactically and tactfully keep them apart and, again, having everyone’s place ready and waiting shows that you value their visit and input. 


Keep things running smoothly 

When it comes to the meeting itself, having the right equipment in place helps to impress. While we offer a range of whiteboards, flipcharts, and chalkboards, higher-tech accessories, such as laser wireless presenters are a stylish and convenient way to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible. Whichever visitor & meeting accessories you require, we can offer next working day delivery and competitive prices, whether you need one item or want to buy in bulk for your business.