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Paper Laminating Machines


Laminating machines are the unsung heroes of any workplace, be it at home or in more commercial settings such as the office or restaurant, where protection and aesthetics are the order of the day. We offer an extensive range of document laminator machines so that your paperwork, invites, name tags, and craft projects are given all the care and attention they deserve. Deciding which document laminator is the best for your needs can seem a little daunting if you’re not familiar with modern versions. If you’re unsure as to what you need, here’s our quick guide to choosing the right one.


What are laminating machines used for?

Typically, they are used to cover documents, paperwork, and even tickets with a protective layer of plastic. This should seal the document entirely, keeping it safe from liquid, dust, and grime. In addition, using laminator machines makes standard pieces of paper resistant to ripping and tearing. Whenever you need to ensure that your paperwork has as much protection as possible, a document laminator has you, quite literally, covered.


How does a paper laminating machine work?

A standard paper laminator works using a combination of rollers, pressure, and heat to give your paper a touch of 21st-century embalming. At their most basic, you’ll place your paperwork into a clear, heat-resistant ‘pouch.’ The edges of this pouch are lined with heat-sensitive adhesive, allowing the document to be completely sealed. Once fed into the document laminator, the rollers heat up, compressing the pouch and causing the adhesive to quickly cure and set. The end result is a piece of paper that is entirely protected by a surrounding layer of waterproof plastic.


Speedy lamination

There are different types of paper lamination machine that make a simple job even easier. Browse our collection, and you’ll find ‘fast warm up’ machines. On its first use, a standard laminating device will take between 10 and 15 minutes to warm up. This process ensures that that the heating elements in the rollers reach the correct temperature to allow the adhesive to bond and set and seal the paper.

However, as it’s used more, the time taken for a paper laminating machine to hit the right level of heat should decrease. After a number of uses, the average warmup time should be between three and five minutes.

Compared to their regular counterparts, a fast warm up machine should reach its optimum temperature between one and one and a half minutes. These are ideal in situations where lamination needs to be performed quickly, efficiently, and on demand. It’s also worth reading our product descriptions to see how many laminate pouches our machines will deal with in one sitting. While we have those that will take care of lower numbers, there are those that will laminate between 150 and 250 pouches at any given time.


Size counts

Speed aside, the other thing worth considering is the size of the paper you’re trying to protect. Our range of laminators includes those that will put a protective pouch around A4 paper, which is the most popular size used in offices and homes across the world. However, should you need to protect paper of a larger size, we can also supply you with devices and pouches that will accommodate A3 sheets.

While having a paper lamination machine in your home or office might sound like it’s going to dominate the working environment, laminating machines are designed to be as compact as they are effective.


Lamination for home and office

Traditionally, a paper lamination machine is used to protect office documents, protect name tags, and give important paperwork a fighting chance against dirt, dust, grime, and liquid. On top of that, they’ll protect papers from the rigours of being passed between students, delegates, or office staff. However, there are other uses for laminating machines that extend far beyond the confines of the office.

  • Preserving artwork. If your child has created a meaningful piece of art, or you want to preserve their work for posterity, a laminating machine will help you to keep it for years to come. Because the heat is applied to the adhesive, even pictures drawn in wax crayon will be frozen in time without compromising the clarity of the image.
  • If you enjoy arts and crafts, this device will give you the opportunity to press flowers at the push of a button. Traditionally, flowers were pressed between the pages of books. Using a laminator ensures that your chosen bloom will never degrade and look as good as it did on the day you picked it.
  • Menus are handled by different people on a daily basis. Use a paper lamination machine to protect yours and it’ll last far longer than its paper cousins. It also means that they’re wipe-clean, making them more hygienic.

However you choose to use your laminating machine, we offer a selection suitable for use in both homes and offices. As Europe’s leading provider of office supplies, we can offer you the best products at the best prices. We can also offer a range of delivery options, whether you’re making a one-off purchase or buying in bulk for your company.