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What are the advantages of buying coffee beans?


When purchasing any of the coffee bean packs from Avansas, customers are receiving the best in quality and value for money. The coffee beans on offer come with many advantages as can be seen in the following points:


  • Taste: Coffee beans are associated as being one of the more superior tasting coffee blends. Due to the fact that instant coffee is blended and diluted with other substances, the taste and quality per serving is much less as compared to ground coffee or coffee bean brew. Those looking for superior tasting and more aromatically pleasing coffee would be better suited to purchasing and using the coffee beans on offer.


  • Health: One of the main advantages of using coffee beans is that they contain lots of raw antioxidants which can help with weight loss and help to reduce headache pain and different kinds of inflammation. For those who want the benefits of coffee without having to actually make it, eating coffee beans on their own (in moderation) ensures that you receive the health and energy benefits just as if you were indulging in a cup of coffee!


  • Natural ingredients: Due to the fact that these beans are products that are in their most raw form, customers can be assured that the ingredients in each coffee bean is natural! For those specifically looking for organically grown and sourced coffee beans, Lavazza Tierra Beans are produced and purchased from certified organic farms.


  • Energy: Caffeine is known to give the energy boost needed to get your day started! With the most amount of raw caffeine within it, coffee beans are an exceptional way to get your energy levels up.


What are the types of coffee beans on offer?


Avansas offers three types of coffee beans and each of these beans are sourced from the finest farms and are produced with the intent of providing customers with the finest quality coffee beans. The following are just three of the different types of coffee beans that are on offer:


  • Lavazza Tierra: This bio-organic coffee bean is grown on beautiful plateaus, protected by the shade of trees. Coming from certified,organic farms this coffee is delectable in every way, combining organic ingredients to form the perfect blend.


  • Lavazza Super Crema: Thanks to a rich, creamy and an aromatic organoleptic profile, the Super Crema blend offers a full body and decisive taste experience. This coffee bean is scented with notes of roasted hazelnut and brown sugar and combined with the harmony found in a classic Italian espresso.


  • Lavazza Crema Aroma Blue: Crema & Aroma is a balanced blend of carefully selected Arabica and Robusta beans. Its long-lasting creamy texture makes it ideal for milk based recipes and preparations. This type of coffee bean is perfect for use in the hospitality and retail sectors.


How to store coffee beans?


Freshly roasted coffee beans remain fresh for around three months. The longevity of coffee beans can however differ across different blends and roasts. Although coffee does not necessarily go bad, when it is stored incorrectly or for extremely long periods of time, it does lose both its taste and smell. Personal taste and storage methods are large determinants that affect whether coffee beans have gone 'bad' or not.


When it comes to storage suggestions and preserving your coffee beans' fresh roasted flavour for as long as possible, storing them in an opaque, air-tight container at room temperature can be extremely beneficial in extending the shelf life of coffee beans. One should avoid keeping coffee beans in clear canisters which allow for light to compromise the taste of your coffee. Keep your coffee beans in a dark and cool location for maximum shelf life.


What should be considered when choosing coffee beans?


  • Use: While the Lavazza Crema Aroma Blue Coffee Beans are best suited for milk based recipes and preparations and is an ideal purchase for those buying for use in the hospitality sector, the Lavazza Super Crema Coffee Beans and the Lavazza Tierra Coffee Beans are considered to be best for making coffee.


  • Taste: Each of the three types of coffee beans on offer come with varying tastes and textures. When considering which product would be best suited to your taste preferences, customers should consider reading the product descriptions to find the coffee bean product that is best suited to their taste preferences.


Are the coffee beans sold by Avansas of good quality?


Yes - the coffee beans on offer are from a trusted supplier and are each made of the best quality ingredients! When purchasing any coffee bean product from Avansas, you are receiving a guarantee that you are purchasing goods that are of the highest quality and are products that you can trust. For those who enjoy a cup of good quality coffee with a little more acidity and a robustness of flavour, Lavazza coffee beans are the coffee beans for you!


Where to buy the best coffee beans?


Avansas is home to some of the best products on the market, and this statement is no less true when talking about coffee beans! When purchasing any of the coffee bean packs from Avansas, customers are assured that they are receiving the best in both quality and price. When purchasing from Avansas, you are purchasing from a brand that you can trust.


Avansas offers a secure and easy to use system of payment that guarantees that your information will remain safe and that anonymity is upheld. Along with this, products are set up with guaranteed delivery time frames, ensuring that your product will be delivered safely and on time. For UK mainland deliveries (excluding the highlands), your products will be delivered to you within 24 hours. For Northern IE, Channel Islands, Highlands & UK Islands and Isle of Man, your purchases will be delivered in 48 Hours.


For any issues that may occur throughout your purchasing and delivery experience, our customer care service is always ready to be of service! For the very best in safety and in service, purchase from Avansas.